What I'm doing now

I'm in liminal space. The slow-burning, mundane horror of the pandemic seems to be subsiding for the moment. I'm vaccinated, and so are all the people I care about. A long-awaited calm started to set in, but I still watch the future with a twinge of anxiety.

I also just finished a huge project. It was a fun, rewarding experience that completely enveloped the first half of my year. Now that it's over, I'm once again a blank slate. No side projects, no plans; I'm just drifting for the moment and enjoying it.

The summer is here. Everything seems slow, relaxed—content.

I feel like a breath, held in for the longest time, slowly released now. I enjoy it.

Updated July 2nd, 2021, from Budapest, Hungary.

P.S. This is a now page, a concept pioneered by Derek Sivers.