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— February 7, 2023 —

The Thing About Talent

Kobe Bryant was undeniably one of the best basketball players who ever lived.

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— January 24, 2023 —

How to Do a Lightning-Quick Yearly Reflection

It's January, which means, it's the best time to take stock of the past twelve months and plan a little for the next twelve.

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— January 9, 2023 —

My 2022 Media Diet

I've read 21 books, enjoyed 333 comic books, watched 24 movies, and binged 17 TV shows in 2022. Below, I collected the ones that stayed with me all throughout the year, the best of the best that I would recommend to my own friends.

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— May 20, 2021 —

The flavors of reality

I. A Call in the Night

On April 26th, 1986, at approximately 1:30 a.m., a call ran into one of the fire stations in Pripyat.

"Fire Department"

"Hello, Ivankov?"

"Yes. Yes?"

"You've been called to Pripyat... Hello?"

"Yes. Yes, I can hear you."

"At the nuclear plant over there, in the third and fourth blocks. The roof is on fire."

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— March 20, 2021 —

The ultimate guide to my shelf sharks

For me, books are the most fascinating objects that our species have ever created. I regularly marvel at the fact that a piece of wood can safely contain a slice of a person’s mind and transfer it into someone else’s brain.

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— March 10, 2021 —

Misusing Morality

Amoral is a word that I started to deeply dislike lately.

People say it all the time. We use it to describe the jerk who jumps the line, the political candidate we haven't voted for, or our friend's friend who's doing something we would never do. When someone doesn't act according to our own set of values, we label them amoral. Valueless.

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